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Cultural Sites

Bars Park.jpg
Barr's Park

"We Arrive" Sculpture & Site of the Enterprise Ship Story

Verdmont House.jpg
Verdmont House

Verdmont House is located at the top of Clooectors Hill and is run by the National Trust

When Voices Rise.jpg
When Voices Rise

When Voices rise statue is located near City Hall


Friendly Society.jpg
Friendly Societies

Friendly Societies sites are located all around the island

Church Cave2.jpg
Church Cave

Church cave is located near the entrance to Rosewood Tuckers Point  


Jefferys Cave.jpg
Jeffrey's Cave

Jeffrey's Cave is located at Spittal Pond in Smiths Parish


Rubber tree grave yard.jpg
Enslaved Graveyard at the Rubber Tree

This Site is located at the Rubber Tree in Warwick Parish

Gibbet's Island.jpg
Gibbets Island

This Site is located in Smiths Parish near Flatt's


Cobb's Hill Methodist.jpg
Cobb's Hill Methodist Church

This Site is located in Warwick Parish near the Warwick Workman's Club


Pilot Darrells Square.jpg
Pilot Darrell's Square

Pilot Darrells Square is located in St. George's Parish behind St. Peter's Church

St Peters Church.jpg
St. Peter's Church/Graveyard

This Site is located in the old town of St.Georges


St. Georges Historical Society.jpg
St. George's Historical Society Museum

This Site is located in St. Georges on Feather bed Alley


Bermuda Heritage Museum.jpg
Bermuda Heritage Museum

This Site is located in St. George If you are a Black Bermudian you will probably be able to find some information on your family

Joseph Rainey Exhibit.jpg
Joseph Rainey Exhibit

The Joseph Rainey Exhibit is located at the Tucker's House Museum there is a plaque on Barbers Alley about Joseph Rainey 

Commisioner's House Bermuda.jpg
Commisioner's House 

Commissioner's House is located at the National Museum in Dockyard



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