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Commisioner's House 

Commisioner's HouseLance Furbert
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All those with an interest in African Diaspora Heritage Trail history will find the exhibit on slavery at Commissioner’s House at the Bermuda Maritime Museum, in the Royal Naval Dockyard, essential viewing which should not be missed. With facts, figures and disturbing artefacts, this enlightening display follows the chilling history of Bermuda’s ancestors. The trans-Atlantic slave trade route, its effect on history and Bermuda’s place in the African Diaspora are examined in a two-room exhibit. Artefacts recovered from shipwrecks, such as cowry shells, glass beads, restraints and weaponry may be seen, as well as other items from excavations and private collections. These artefacts tell the story of slave life in Bermuda and how it was affected by the Island’s economy – from toiling in the tobacco and onion fields to becoming skilled shipwrights, sailors, carpenters and pilots.

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